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NET-CONSILIUM is aiming to be your partner in the journey of implementing risk management capacities in your organization.

Over the past years, risk management has evolved as a holistic function (the Risk Management Framework); considering the full scope of risks (including both positive ,or "upside" and negative, or "downside") has become common practice.

In this context, NET-CONSILIUM will accompany your organization in both following areas

 The role of NET-CONSILIUM will encompass following activities:

  • Facilitating the Identification and Evaluation of Risks
  • Coach Management in Responding to Risks
  • Coordinate Risk Management activities
  • Consolidating Reporting on Risks
  • Maintaining and Developing the Risk Management Framework
  • Advocating and being supportive to Management for the Establishment of Risk Management
  • Developing Risk Management Strategy for approval

Primary reference material is:

  • ISO 31000:2009 : Risk Management - Principle and Guidelines
  • COSO : ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) - Integrated Framework
  • GAIT for Business and IT Risk

NET-CONSILIUM scaled existing methodologies to address especially Risk Management concerns within SME.

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